What are your hours for visitation?

Are puppies socialized?

Are adults health checked?

Can we pick out a puppy without visiting?

How early do you allow puppies to go home?

Is there a boarding cost to pick up the puppy past the earliest pickup date?

How do you know what size the puppies will be when full grown?

Do you ship puppies?

Can we bring our family pet to meet the puppy that we have chosen?

Will my puppy be house trained before I take it home?

What house training method do you recommend?

Will the puppies be health checked by a vet?

If by chance the puppy becomes sick or there is a health concern, will the health guarantee cover part of the cost?

Will the puppies have all their shots when they are ready to go home?

What vaccine shots do you give to the puppy and what does it protect against?

Are your dogs registered?

Do you do any preventive worming?

Is your kennel officially inspected?

Once we pick out a puppy, do you allow us to come visit our puppy until it is time to come home?

What dog food do you use?

The AKC has some great information on human foods that dogs and puppies can eat and foods they shouldn’t eat.

Do you take credit cards?